The Grandes Rencontres aim to:

    • Provide an overview of evidence-based practices for creating a positive, safe and caring school environment and preventing violence and bullying

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    • Demonstrate the importance of healthy relationships and how this links with the mission of schools to foster students’ social and emotional development


    • Raise awareness of the following elements, among administrators, teachers and other professionals (depending on their roles and responsibilities):


order Dilantin online – How to create a positive, safe and caring school environment

cheap augmentin – The interpersonal nature of group management and social architecture designed to foster healthy relationships

– Scaffolding, an approach that can be used to support the learning of expected behaviours

– Developing social and emotional learning practices and the key role it plays in enhancing healthy relationships

– Enhancing school staff mental health and well-being


To register:

Registration fees are $ 50.


Each participant must register individually using the online form.

You will find your form under your region in the Calendar tab.

nizoral uk IMPORTANT: You must choose the right form for your school board.


The project summary

The Grandes Rencontres project, created by the Fondation Jasmin Roy in conjunction with the Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, and the Peace Grantmakers Network, brings together a variety of stakeholders – from educational partners to research organizations like PREVNet – in an effort to create a positive and caring school climate. These organizations and their partners are devoted to the struggle against violence and bullying, and together provide school system stakeholders with training.

Let us remember that the Grandes Rencontres will train Quebec teachers, principals and school stakeholders by holding a 2-day round of meetings over 3 years throughout the 17 regions of Quebec. The training days began in autumn 2016 and will be completed in spring 2019. Note that we will not be visiting each school. Rather representatives from each school who will attend these regional groupings.


2018 – 2019 School year

Next visited regions:


Outaouais : February 4, 2019


Collaborating partners


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